Addition Services

Kismet Construction company brings to you building solutions that will add not just another unit to your residence or office but will also add appeal and aesthetics to your place. We bring construction addition services to help you increase your units’ square footage, giving you more room and less trouble!

Make room for what matters!

Kismet Construction services allow you to add space to your existing residential or nonresidential places so that you can also enjoy living in a home that doesn’t make you feel claustrophobic. We offer you solutions that include having enough room in your house to create that home theatre that you have always wanted or adding a guest bedroom that could bring comfort to your guests! Whatever it may be, we are here to add it to your existing place so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of moving into a new house, planning, and packing. These are quite tedious tasks, and we wouldn’t want to put you through that!

Make room for what matters

Value Engineering

Our expert construction workers are fully equipped to translate your vision into a reality and bring you what you have been waiting for in the shape of your dreams. They offer true value engineering services by analyzing, planning, and building the garage, patio, or any other part of the place that you want without costing you more than you can afford. Our services are completely professional, and we are equipped to bring you something that can change your perspective because we will present to you conceptual and detailed designs that will help you visualize what the space might end up looking like. All you have to do is trust the process and the skillset of our professional staff; we assure you that your space will be in good hands!

Value Added Support

Our construction addition service not just adds square footage to your house, but we are also responsible for tying it well with the existing aesthetic of the house, ensuring that it blends well with every other aspect of the house so that you have nothing to worry about. Our designers will take up the architectural ideas and translate them into the form of additional architectural plans or 3D designs and models that will help you conceptualize the exterior and interior of the space fully!

Value Added Support

On-Site Consultation

We ensure that our additional services will keep you in the loop of the entire process because we offer on-site consultation services where we will analyze the state of the property alongside the goals and the vision you have. Our primary goal is to give you exactly what you want and obtain customer satisfaction while keeping the safety and security of the residents in mind. Hence, our on-site consultation services would allow you to raise any concerns you have or put forward your ideas and creativity to the table so we can achieve that and help you weigh both pros and cons of the plan.