Custom Homes

If you want the house of your dreams that is customized according to your liking and isn’t a pre-made model, then you have come to the right place! Kismet Construction brings you custom home construction services with the best quality building material, professional staff, and reliability that you won’t find anywhere else!

Custom Home
Construction and Building

Kismet Construction workers are fully equipped to bring the dream of your house to reality. We will be utilizing our unique plans and completely customizing them according to your needs and demands. Our job is to build these projects from scratch, bring life to them, and conceptualize your unique vision while maintaining a certain character of the house that makes it feel homely and warm. If you have a plan and the desire to get your own custom house, then feel free to contact us, and we will work seamlessly with our architects and designers to bring the vision to real life!
We will assist you at every step of the way, from site selection to the building process till the completion of the whole project; we will be there for you! Kismet Construction was created with the vision to help you make the custom home that you have always wanted and introduce you to the new world of possibilities that comes with working in collaboration with Kismet Construction! So, don’t miss out on your chance and use our expertise to your advantage at the most affordable price point!

Customer Satisfaction


Our utmost priority is to provide our customers with the services they need to make their custom homes a live reality. Therefore, we incorporate your ideas to the point of execution, making sure that what you get out of our services is exactly what you have wanted and that our professional and reliable services continue to exceed your expectations. Building homes for nearly a decade has allowed us to make informed decisions and offer you only the best suggestions that will actually prove to be a good addition to your house! With years of knowledge and experience at hand, we ensure that there is nothing to disappoint you!

Honest and
Transparent Services

Kismet Construction brings to you honest and transparent services through which we ensure there are no hidden charges, and you are made aware of the estimates beforehand. Our job is to loop you in with every step of the process so that you are not caught off guard. We will ensure that you have complete knowledge of what we are doing so that you can be satisfied with the transparency that we provide. It is one of the cores of our business, and we do not plan on compromising on it at all!
We also provide you with a visual construction framework before we begin the process so you can visualize and conceptualize what the end result may look like. Our team will walk you through every phase so that you are on top of every update and have full awareness of what’s going down!

If you want to know more about our services, request a consultation session!