Home Remodeling & Renovation

Are you looking to increase the value of your property ahead of a sale or seal the deal on a property you can’t wait to own? There is a good chance that a renovation project is in the works for you in the near future. This means that you may have a lot of homework ahead of you, including the stress of hiring a contractor, cutting expenditures, and devising a faultless strategy to give your Pinterest board a life of its own. Remodeling and renovation are the finest ways to give your business or home a new, exciting appearance without breaking the budget.

Bringing the colors of life to your place

Your house or your office is a sanctuary where you feel comfortable and peaceful. We employ modern, innovative, and creative design tools coupled with individuals with a diverse set of experiences to give our clients the dream spaces they desire. The experience of renovation does not solely rely on change but on effective planning, management, and the creative design process. There are countless more factors that are considered while remodeling and renovating properties; however, we at Kismet Construction aim to bring colors to your home through a smooth transition, taking into consideration quality and authenticity.

Expert Knowledge

We are experts in every facet of the comprehensive renovation. We handle everything—kitchens, baths, living areas, and offices. Your biggest investment is likely your house. There, your loved ones and friends congregate. Socialize, create, and have fun. When renovating, no detail should be overlooked. We want your house to be distinctive and special to you and your household.

Reliable and Professional Services

With help from Kismet Construction, you will be able to improve the comfort of your living space or the curb appeal of your house. Spaces will be reconstructed with the highest quality guaranteed, thanks to the efforts of our proficient workers. Your remodeling job will be managed with expertise and attention. Additionally, Kismet Construction assures that everything is finished abiding by the settled schedule, and in accordance with the topmost building standards. We strive to meet our client’s needs and provide excellent quality service in terms of planning and execution.
Including tried-and-true guidance from professionals, checklists to get you started, and gorgeous before-and-after kitchen, bathroom, living room, and office transformations for inspiration, Kismet Construction provides you with a collection of extraordinary home renovation designs in accordance with a variety of spaces. Kismet Construction is your one-stop shop for all things related to home improvement, whether you’re remodeling a place to make it more useful or just more attractive.

Our Promise: Project Success

Kismet Construction offers top-notch maintenance, remodeling, and full-home upgrades to safeguard your investment. Any large renovation or design project must have a single trustworthy provider that can ensure your pleasure as a prerequisite. Let Kismet Construction manage the success of your project. For a free estimate on your renovation or handyman requirements, give us a call right now. Our experts will handle the rest.

ADU/MIL Construction

ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Units, came into existence as a result of multiple bills that were passed in the Senate. These bills allowed property owners to build extra units, known as ADUs, in the midst of a property crisis. This is basically an additional home that can be built on the primary lot around the original structure. It could be built around apartment buildings, single homes, and other residential structures.

Different types of Accessory Dwelling Units

Site Built Dwelling

This form of ADU is built by the contractor on site, where he brings in all the building material and tools, evaluate the layout of the main unit, and set up grounds for the traditional construction there.

Site Built Dwelling

This form of ADU is built by the contractor on site, where he brings in all the building material and tools, evaluate the layout of the main unit, and set up grounds for the traditional construction there.

Site Built Dwelling

This form of ADU is built by the contractor on site, where he brings in all the building material and tools, evaluate the layout of the main unit, and set up grounds for the traditional construction there.

Save time and Money

Building an Accessory Building Unit usually comes with a lower cost and time spent on the manufacturing of the unit. This is because you pay a one-time price for the complete finishing of the house, which means you get to control the amount spent on the whole project. You don’t get this kind of cost-cutting option with building traditional homes. Moreover, you also get to save time spent on the construction of ADUs because not only do they take less time to be built, but also they can be manufactured off-site and can be installed at the main location. This would allow you to go your days without any worry and disturbance caused by the construction workers and noise, so you can live peacefully!

Generate Passive Income

A lot of the time, people turn towards the construction of an ADU if they are looking for a source of generating passive income, and ADUs prove to be a great way to do that. Homeowners now have the opportunity to build these units and rent them out to travelers who have started preferring the local living experience over hotel residences. This allows homeowners to earn some extra cash by putting their ADU up as an Airbnb service that can house travelers or occasional visitors who can add to this income stream.

Kismet Construction is here to help you build the perfect rental place in the face of ADUs. We will help you build on-site, off-site, or convert garage units into living spaces with a complete supply of electricity and water, and other basic necessities, so it is up to the mark and perfect for earning a passive income!

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Investment Properties

In ever-changing economic conditions, it is always better to invest in something that you know has a long future and will continue to provide you with a stream of income for years to come. A common type of investment property is an apartment building or a rental house that you can build and continue to earn from by renting it out. Kismet Construction helps you in the construction of investment properties and guides you through the entire process so that you are updated on the progress of the project.

Improved Market Demand

If you choose to build an investment property rather than buy it, you will get to first evaluate what kind of properties are in demand and then make the decision. This will allow you to own a property that is likely to get you more interested buyers and boost the value of the home or rental yield. It will also allow you to customize the property as you wish so that you don’t have to settle for anything that you don’t want. Your investment property can just be the next talk of the town if you carefully look into the demands of buyers and renters so that you can have a consistent stream of income without any hassle!

Since you are building an investment property from scratch, you will have more time to do the research and make an informed choice that improves your chances of getting the best deal!

Tax Benefits

You may not realize this now, but building an investment property is an investment on your end as well because it allows you to lower the taxes levied against the home you own. You can claim a number of deductions for your investment properties; for example, the interest payment that you make during the construction of the property is also deductible at the marginal income tax rate. Comprehensively, this would allow you to save construction costs significantly and help you consistently deduce your taxes by claiming small things like fixtures or blinds, etc.

Cheaper Alternative

If you have been thinking of buying an investment property, let Kismet Construction help you find a cheaper alternative – which is building your own investment property! That’s right! The property you buy to build an investment house can be a lot cheaper. Even though the process of construction may seem tedious and time-consuming, it’s worth the effort! Not only will you be getting a property that meets the market demand, but also you will be saving more because you won’t be paying extra to save yourself that trouble.
Kismet Construction will help you build the right property for the right price so that you can make a huge investment on a reasonable budget, even after building a property of the same standards!
Our priority is to bring you exactly what you want, keep it within your budget and help you achieve the stream of income that you wish from building this property!

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